My name is Balaji Sivaraman, and I’m a software developer. Thank you for visiting my website.

I currently work as a Lead Technologist for Thoughtworks where I help clients from a variety of domains and countries on their digital transformation journeys.

In my spare time, I enjoy programming and am passionate about programming languages, especially those that push the boundaries of modern development practices. This used to be Scala a few years back, when I got introduced to the strongly-typed functional programming paradigm. More recently, I have had a keen eye on the Rust language and find its blend of modern language design constructs and memory-safe, systems programming constructs fascinating. I am a co-organiser of the Rust Chennai Meetup.

I have a blog, where I capture my thoughts on programming, life and everything in-between. I try to keep it updated on a weekly basis but don’t always succeed.


My current day job (mostly) involves working closely with clients who are on a digital transformation journey, rewriting their existing applications using a variety of architectural styles, adhering to modern Agile development practices, and continuously delivering business value for them. In this process, I have worked with clients from a variety of domains and countries, primarily those in the retail and financial services industries from Italy.


You can find me under the handle balajisivaraman on most websites.

If you wish to contact me securely, here’s my GPG key.